Grand Court of Wisconsin

Order of the Amaranth

Grand Court By-Laws

  Barbara Foster

  Lila Kimball

  Dale Holmen


  Barbara Lee Overton

  Diana Kifer

  Amanda Hansen

Leadership Training/School of Instruction Day

  LuAnn Hansen

  Barbara Lee Overgon


 please see Registration


  Amanda Hansen

  Ernest Anderson

  Subordinate Court Royal Matrons

    & Royal Patrons

Printing and Pre-Registration ???

  Sally Acuff

Publication (Newsletter)

  Mary Schultz


  Sondra Moore

  Carol Yngsdahl

  Sue Udheardt

  Meals: ???

Rules & Regulations of Subordinate Courts

  Arneta Reining

  Ruth Burns

  Robert Hehle


  Mary Schultz

  Marion Doerr

  All Subordinate Court Secretaries

Ways & Means

  Grand Associate Patron

  Grand Conductress

  Grand Associate Conductress

  Subordinate Court Associate Patrons

    and Associate Conductresses

  Craft Table: Norm Burns 

      & Subordinate Court Members

Website Committee

  Amanda Hansen

  Jack Heady

  Phil Itzenhuiser

Ad Book

  Nancy Saggio

Addresses & Distribution

  Lila Kimball, Grand Assoc. Conductress


  Mary Lubach

  Dale Holmen


  Chairman of Trustees

  Grand Trustees and Finance Committee

Business Manager

  LeRoy Kifer

Charters & Dispensation???

  Ruth Burns

  Martha Shaw

  Judy Emerson

Courtesy & Hospitality

  Judy Emerson

  Amanda Hansen

  Vicki Kuharske  

Craft Table

  please see Ways & Means


  Roger Reukauf

  Marilyn Burlison

Crown & Sword Coordinator

  Betty Miller


  Betty Fuhrer

  Colleen Dawson

  Laura Dessereau

Diabetes Fundraising

  Diana Kifer

  Subordinate Court Conductresses

    & Associate Conductresses


  LeLand Burlison

  Ernest Anderson


  Karen Bishop

  Leroy Kifer

  Gail Piper

Fraternal Relations

  Phil Itzenhuiser

  Cheri Brus

  Nancy Saggio

Wisconsin Grant Court Committees 2017-2018

(First Name Listed is Chairperson)