Grand Court By-Laws

  Barbara Foster

  Lila Kimball

  Dale Holmen


  Barbara Lee Overton

  Diana Kifer

  Amanda Hansen

Leadership Training/School of Instruction Day

  LuAnn Hansen

  Barbara Lee Overgon


 please see Registration


  Amanda Hansen

  Ernest Anderson

  Subordinate Court Royal Matrons

    & Royal Patrons

Printing and Pre-Registration ???

  Sally Acuff

Publication (Newsletter)

  Mary Schultz


  Sondra Moore

  Carol Yngsdahl

  Sue Udheardt

  Meals: ???

Rules & Regulations of Subordinate Courts

  Arneta Reining

  Ruth Burns

  Robert Hehle


  Mary Schultz

  Marion Doerr

  All Subordinate Court Secretaries

Ways & Means

  Grand Associate Patron

  Grand Conductress

  Grand Associate Conductress

  Subordinate Court Associate Patrons

    and Associate Conductresses

  Craft Table: Norm Burns 

      & Subordinate Court Members

Website Committee

  Amanda Hansen

  Jack Heady

  Phil Itzenhuiser

Ad Book

  Nancy Saggio

Addresses & Distribution

  Lila Kimball, Grand Assoc. Conductress


  Mary Lubach

  Dale Holmen


  Chairman of Trustees

  Grand Trustees and Finance Committee

Business Manager

  LeRoy Kifer

Charters & Dispensation???

  Ruth Burns

  Martha Shaw

  Judy Emerson

Courtesy & Hospitality

  Judy Emerson

  Amanda Hansen

  Vicki Kuharske  

Craft Table

  please see Ways & Means


  Roger Reukauf

  Marilyn Burlison

Crown & Sword Coordinator

  Betty Miller


  Betty Fuhrer

  Colleen Dawson

  Laura Dessereau

Diabetes Fundraising

  Diana Kifer

  Subordinate Court Conductresses

    & Associate Conductresses


  LeLand Burlison

  Ernest Anderson


  Karen Bishop

  Leroy Kifer

  Gail Piper

Fraternal Relations

  Phil Itzenhuiser

  Cheri Brus

  Nancy Saggio

Grand Court of Wisconsin

Order of the Amaranth

Wisconsin Grant Court Committees 2017-2018

(First Name Listed is Chairperson)