Miniature Golf Outing

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Vitense Golfland, Madison WI

It was a good time for all at our miniature golf fun afternoon held at the Vitense Golfland located on the West side of Madison. 

     Three teams formed: The Emerson Team, The Holmen Team, and The Mismatch Leftovers Team. Eighteen holes of mini golf were played by the adventurous golfers and were sometimes a bit challenging. Bumpy, wavy floors, water traps, and sliding shoots made the course -- shall we say -- interesting!

     Golfers enjoyed a light lunch after they finished the links and trophies were awarded for highest score, lowest score, holes-in-one achiever, the most senior golfer, and golfer who traveled the longest distance to the event.

     Thanks to our Grand Royal Patron, Dale for arranging this event. If you missed it you were "hole"-y out of luck!

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