Grand Court of Wisconsin

Order of the Amaranth

Assistant Grand Lecturers 2016-17

Milwaukee Court #2 - H.L. Betty Miller (pro tem)

Racine Laurel Court #6 - Ermest Anderson

Madison Court #7 - H.L. Barbara Lee Overson (pro tem)

​Friendship Court #14 - S.K. Mary Lubach (pro tem)

Grand Officers Emeritus

Grand Treasurers                   Grand Secretaries

S.K. Marshal Girard                H.L. Shirley Brenz

S.K. William Knudsen             H.L. Barbara Lee Overton, PSRM

S.K. Roger Reukauf

H.L. Sally Acuff

Grand Elected Officers 2016-17

H.L. Nancy Saggio, Grand Royal Matron

S.K. Philip Itzenhuiser, Grand Royal Patron

H.L. LuAnn Hansen, Grand Associate Matron

S.K. Parker Dow, Grand Associate Patron

H.L. Diana Kifer, Grand Treasurer

H.L. Sally Acuff, Grand Secretary

H.L. Cheri Brus, Grand Conductress

H.L. Betty Miller, Grand Associate Conductress

H.L. Barbara Lee Overton, Grand Trustee - 1 Year

S.K. Nathaniel Moore, Grand Trustee - 2 Years

H.L. Barbara Foster, Grand Trustee - 3 Years

S.K. Lewis "Chris" Christiansen, Grand Commissioner

        of Appeal - 1 Year

H.L. Sondra Moore, Grand Commissioner of

       Appeal - 2 Years

S.K. Leland Burlison, Grand Commissioner of Appeal - 3 Years

Grand Appointed Officers 2016-17

S.K. Jack Heady, Grand Prelate

H.L. Mary Schultz, Grand Marshal

H.L. Amanda Hansen, Grand Marshal East

H.L. Mary Lubach, Grand Marshal West

S.K.. LeRoy Kifer, Grand Lecturer (pro tem)

H.L. Marilyn Burlison, Grand Standard Bearer

H.L. Alice Byrnes, Grand Historian

H.L. Laura Dessereau, Grand Fraternal Correspondent

H.L. Ruth Burns, Grand Truth

H.L. Sally Lutzke, Grand Faith

H.L. Gail Piper, Grand Wisdom

H.L. Lila Kimball, Grand Charity

H.L. Mary Lou Reilly, Grand Musician

H.L. Betty Fuher, Grand Warder

S.K. Phillip Kifer, Grand Sentinel

H.L. Vickie Kuharske, Grand Page

H.L. Sue Udhardt, Grand Crown Bearer

S.K. Roger Reukauf, Grand Sword Bearer